Nov 2015

10 Awesome Apps for Smart Drivers with Dumb Cars

driving-appsSmart cars have already started infiltrating the roads, and rumor has it, they’re going to become more and more common as time goes on. But until you take the leap and upgrade to a car that drives itself, how about souping up the ride you’ve got now with these sleek mobile apps?

Here are our picks:

  • Waze. Get turn-by-turn navigation – plus real-time data on traffic jams, road hazards, accidents and speed traps, all generated by other app users. Go the extra mile, and use Waze to share what the road looks like to you too!
  • greenMeter. You probably know your fuel economy suffers when you drive too fast. But it doesn’t really hit home till you see how much it’s costing you. Get real-time metrics on your driving, so you can adjust your use of the accelerator and brake pedal to get the most from your gas tank.
  • GasBuddy. Speaking of gas, where’s the cheapest pump? Without this app, you’re stuck with the choices you can see from where you sit. With it, though, you can find the cheapest gas within any zip code. Prices are posted by users; post a price, and you could win a prize!
  • Carticipate. If you want to go further in softening your carbon footprint, but you’re not interested in signing up for a ride-sharing service, how about tapping into a social network through your mobile device? Carticipate lets you find ride-shares anywhere in the US, and around the world.
  • Automatic. Your check engine light is on. Instead of ignoring it and hoping for the best, plug the wireless peripheral from Automatic into your car’s OBD, and get back a treasure trove of diagnostic data.
  • RepairPal. When your diagnostic app finds trouble, where do you go? This app logs your car’s repair history, estimates the cost of upcoming repairs, shops parts online and recommends the best garages in your area.
  • Roadside America. Road trips are best when you don’t plan them out. With this app, you can spontaneously “wing it” across the U.S. with a stream of local data about the weird museums, amazing hot springs and other peculiar destinations you’re about to drive past.
  • Auto Guard. As long as you’re on that road trip, why not record it with a dash cam? Capture the bizarre and beautiful moments you just could never have seen coming. While you’re at it, protect yourself from bad drivers and undeserved tickets, too.
  • Honk. If you forgot where you parked, don’t worry: Honk’s got your back. Drop a pin on the map and take a picture so you’ll be able to find your wheels later. This app also lets you keep voice and text memos … and it tracks your parking meter time, too.
  • Driveway. So you think you can drive? It’s time to put your ego to the test and score your skills with the smartphone insurance app that rates your driving, helps you to hone your skills and rewards you with lower insurance rates as you improve.