How the Driveway UBI smartphone app works for drivers

What do insured drivers want? Affordable rates, an insurance partner they can trust and help with avoiding accidents. In the past, you might have been challenged to deliver all three. Not anymore. Yes - you can give your auto insurance customers ALL these advantages and more with the Driveway UBI smartphone app.

UBI smartphone appAffordable rates. The whole point of usage based insurance should be to teach policyholders to become better drivers and then reward them with lower rates when their driving improves. Finally with Driveway, you can do just that. Don’t let your best drivers be cannibalized by your competitors with UBI programs.


UBI smartphone appTrusted insurance partner. With the Driveway UBI smartphone app, your policyholders know what you’re measuring. Plus, they receive immediate performance feedback in a fun, non-threatening format. In an age when consumers demand transparency, don’t let a “black box” create a serious trust issue.


UBI smartphone appHelp with avoiding accidents. Drivers don’t want to hassle with accidents and claims – and they surely don’t want to place loved ones at risk. Now, you can help them avoid all that, and save money too – all while improving your own profitability.

UBI smartphone app