10 reasons to UNPLUG and unburden UBI

Until now, UBI programs have been burdened by costly OBD devices, complex rollouts and seven-figure budgets. Add that to the fact that consumers don’t like crawling under their dashes and going to their mechanics for OBD electrical system interference, and it’s easy to see why the traditional Usage Based Insurance formula needs some tweaking.

Apparently, the idea of this Forex software was of Lars who allegedly developed a Forex system with a 75% success rate. His brother saw the flaws in the outdated code and applied his very own ‘blazing fast math algorithm’ which was designed to minimize Boolean functions. Their combined efforts are said to have turned the system into a self-described ‘unstoppable beast’ capable of earning more than just satisfying daily profits to its members. 


The Blazing Trader review describes its intimate dependence on the blockchain technology which is its underlying working principle. In fact, this technology provides the complete assurance in terms of timely delivery and payment to its traders or buyers through the process of the trade asset tokenization. 

  • A buyer should be able to transparently view all the present and possible status of the in-transit shipment to obtain the timely indication of all possible delays and damages that negatively affect the fulfillment of downstream obligations.  


Mostly, the insight is often lacked into route delays and delivery damages occurring due to weather conditions, customs holding or congestion in certain areas. This further limit the foreseeing capacity and there exists no way to tackle the associated business risk. 


  • There are also chances of the trade documents moving separately from the good flows and there seems no interconnection between the two. This creates situations that these traded goods can either be claimed by the customers or can hold to it anymore. Further, this condition prevails until the physical documents or the title is attained back.  


Moreover, there can also be chances of mitigating or manipulating the documents that can lead to misleading in the transport chain and further resulting in the fragmented interactions between its stakeholders and so. There can be vulnerabilities and variations within the country’s regulation status for trading procedures and overall it can lack the essence of standards and security. Such a condition can increase the risk of fraud documentation for the trading parties. 

By employing blockchain, the traded asset can be digitized through crypto-tokens and tagged with the ownership of the bearer and avoiding all kind of confusions that otherwise arise. 

First of all, we think that the complicated and complex method implemented into this system’s functionality is fake and unreal as the only purpose of the two men obviously is to make people believe the software is something amazing and unheard of. Secondly, there is nothing to prove that this trading algorithm really works properly. 

Fortunately, Driveway offers a simpler, far superior mobile alternative.

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